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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 9 7/12/11

Today I spent the day working on the loft joist and laying out where the access hole will go.  We decided to leave the end of the loft open to let in a little more light.  From below, it might give the appearance of more room on the end where the loft does not go all the way to the end. 

For structure, I added a second 2x6 and a spacer block to make a beam to go under the 4x4 center post in the loft area.  I secured this beam with 3-4”lag bolts on each end.   The 4x4 (not installed yet) will provide the needed structure to hold up the roof ridge 2x6.
I put in a temporary ladder through the access hole a put up a few sheets of plywood.  This will give me a good working platform for when I start the truss work.  I am still planning on a 8/12 pitch however I will redo the math and make adjustments where needed so I don't go over our goal height of 13'6".
I only put in 5 hours today bringing my total constuction time up to: (51 total hours)

I had an unexpected visitor today. 

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