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Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 19 & 20 8/27/11-8/28/11


The roof took a lot more time to complete than I thought.  Once again, the dormers are the reason the roof taking so long.  Nearly every roof panel needed a cut with an angle.  And it seemed like half my time was spent on the ladder as it was up and down, up and down on the ladders.
The roof is a standing seam and is designed so that you see very few screws.  Because this unit is a travel trailer, I decided to add some extra screw where I thought they might be needed.  The screws all have washer and seal themselves once screwed in.

I can't believe I am saying that I look forward to the rain and snow.  I plan on putting together a large material list next which will include the the remaining plumbing material, electrical supplies, cedar siding and interior pine.

I put in 15 hours in the last two days (128 hours worked to date.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 18 8/17/11

I finished the the roof panels on the non-dormer side today.  There is still so much to do on the roof.  There is still at least another day on the other side and then make sure the the ridge cap gets finished up. 

One the starting end, with regards to the roof panels, there is a rolled edge which is what keeps the water from rolling up the ends.  On the other end of the roof panels, the last panel had to be cut.  I needed something on the end to give that same water protection.  I was instructed by Johnson Exteriors to bend up the end.
I decided to go with two bends.  One that bends up and then one that bends another 90 degrees to add to the protection.
I found that there is always a right tool for the job.  If you have to do any amount of bending, a good bending tool is a must!  I went with a "wiss" brand and it worked great.  Worth a little extra expense!
I only worked about 4 hours today, but it felt great to get the panels finished on at least one side.
(113.5 total hours worked)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 17 8/16/11

I put in a lot of time today on the roof and got close to the half way point.  I think that a two person crew has a huge advantage over a one person crew.  I spent a lot of time going up and down ladders today.
I am happy with the roofing product so far.  The standing seam looks good and with a 7.5:12 slope, the snow will fall off nicely.  The non-dormer side went on quite well.  It was one panel after another.
I ran 3 rows of mastic on the bottom flashing to keep any water for coming back up under the roofing.  The screws that hold the roof down are all on the leading edge and then the next panel snaps on the one that is screwed down and covers the screws.
The first dormer took even longer than I thought.  Still, there was a lot of time going up and down ladders, but I took my time to make sure the angles were all cut. I am happy with how it looks, I just wish I have gotten further for the time I invested today.
I worked 8.5 hours today (109.5 total hours)

Day 16 8/12/11

I have finally found time to go pick up the roofing material.  We used Johnson exteriors for our roof.  They gave us a fair price and worked with me on the design to make sure all the angles were bent right.  I have not installed a roof of this design before and once I got it home, there was a lot of time spent trying to figure out which pieces go where.
I should have take the pic with everything still in my truck. The load looked better!

Before I started tacking up some of the metal flashing that hangs over the fascia, I decided to paint the fascia to make it look a little cleaner

It took 2 coats of a latex based non-transparent stain. 

I have decided that if there were no dormers, the roofing project would be 10 times faster.  I have spent a lot of time working through areas that I was not familiar with while building the dormers.  It looks like flashing and roofing them will just as much of a challenge.
I am sure that I am over thinking and over working the trim work, but there aren't spare parts which means no mistakes.  The metal roof is 16 gauge, but the ridge under the cap is 12 gauge to help with the snow load.

I have 7 hours into today (101 hours total hours to date.)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 15 8/1/11

Time is proving to be hard to find lately as August is our busy month on the personal side.  Today I picked up the 3 remaining windows that were ordered through the Millwork outlet center.  They were custom sizes to maximize the available space in the loft area.  From the inside, the dormer windows almost feel like port holes.  Atleast they will let in natural light.

I also installed the door.  We decided to go with a metal door.  We considered using a wood door to continue with the cabin theme style.  The price for the the wood door was a little more than we wanted to spend.  The costs are starting to add up and we are trying to evaluate each purchase with a slightly more flexible criterea.

I only worked about 3 hours today (94 total hours worked)