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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 11 7/19/11

I did do a little yesterday, but it was not a productive day and not enough to blog about for sure.  It was mostly spent racking my brain on the dormers that are giving my brain a workout on angles.  I think I made several cuts, but only screwed a few boards on.  too many mistakes!

Somebody decided to turn the light on today as the first dormer came together.  I did spend some non-working time this morning pricing windows that are still needed for the dormers and the one end wall.  My trip to lowes was also time consuming.  Their window department did not do much for me.  I did get the facia material that I will need to finish the roof today.  I picked out the OSB facia instead of the cedar because it is easy to work with and very uniform.

We decided to go with a 14" x 14" window in each dormer.  I couldn't size up the window until after the dormer was framed up, because I wasn't sure about the remaining space available.  I probably could have squeezed in a few more inches, but it looked good when it was done.

Once I got the window up and the plywood on the window area, I decided to put on the facia before I moved the scaffolding to the other end.  It took a lot of effort and probably too much time, but I am very happy with how the first dormer turned out.  The second will look just like the first of course only it will be on the other end.  I will have it completed tomorrow.  I worked 5 hours today plus 2 hours yesterday (total man hours 69 hours.)

 I am hoping to have all the plywood on the roof tomorrow with roofing paper down to dry everything up.  Am I too optimistic?

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