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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 10 7/16/11

My Dad came over today and provide some extra man power as we started the rafter section today.  I started with a temporary board up the outside of the end wall to hold up the 2 x 6 peak which also breaks on the center post. 

Once I had a few rafters in place, I was able to remove the temporary board that once held the 2 x 6 peak.  The rafters went quite well and I was surprised that I was able to find a few very straight 2x6 for the peak.  I ended up going with a 7 ½ / 12 pitch.  This will keep me under the 13’6” total height I was trying to stay under. 

I will definitely be a crawling loft with the peak height at about  35” and 10” on the sides. 

The Dormers were and still are a bit challenging and not done, because I ran out of time.  I laid them out and decided to steepen the pitch to a 9 / 12 pitch so the won’t be quite so wide.  I will still need to measure and see what size windows they will hold.  I think I will end up customizing the window sizes as most places don’t have standard sizes that are that small.

The side without the dormers was a piece of cake.  Whose idea was it to put those things in!  All in all, we put in 11 man ours today and I am looking forward to have the plywood on and drying everything in!  (62 total man hours)

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