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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 4 7/6/11

Even though I put in six hours on the cabin today, I would say only half of that was productive.  I spent a lot of time at Lowes today working on challenges associated with the plumbing (approx. 2 hours).  Due to all the steel in the framing, I am getting creative with putting some piping in the trailer.  The drains are not the challenge as much as getting the drain vents in.  On the constructive side, I was able to frame, glue, screw and stand the tongue end wall. 

It is looking longer having both end walls up.  I used angled 2 x 4’s for bracing to hold the end walls until the side walls are completed.   I will start tomorrow by re-checking the plumb on both end walls and then start the entry door side wall.  Tomorrow will give a new look to the trailer for sure.  6 hours today (total 26 hours).

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