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Friday, July 22, 2011

day 13 7/22/11

I finished the plywood on the roof today and I am one step closer to being  dried in. 
I framed in the gable end on front of the trailer. 
Plywood made the end wall look quite a bit taller.  I still need to finish the framing and plywood on the other gable end.

before the tyvek goes on, the window framing  gets a sill tape.
Since the facia is going to attach directly on top of the plywood, the tyvek was stapled on before the facia was installed.  I am hoping to have the entire cabin covered with tyvek by the end of tomorrow.  Also on the schedule tomorrow is to have the roofing paper on the roof as well and measure for roofing.  I worked 6 hours today. (total: 82 man hours)

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