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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 2 6/25/11

Today is Sunday and it was another good day of work on the trailer.  After making a quick trip to Lowes for a few more boards, bolts and plastic, I was able to get started working just after nine this morning.  I started by finishing the perimeter with the remaining pressure treated 2x4’s I then decided to tie them together with carriage bolts for added strength.  

I priced out different types of insulation to put in the floor and we decided on the rigid foam.  Fiberglass was less expensive, but I feel the rigid foam will last longer and not get compressed.  We wanted to maximize the 3 1/2" space with a layer the spaceof 2” and 1”rigid foam, I am able to get about a R-13 insulation value.  The rigid foam is also mold and insect proof.  I cut the pieces tight enough to not need a foam filler around the edges.  I did add some of "the great stuff" foam around the wheel wells. 

Once this insulation was done, it was time to lay the T & G (tongue and groove) OSB plywood.  I used Liquid Nail on all the surface under the plywood and then screwed it with 2” screws.  The floor feels very solid. 

I was going to have a few days where I could not work on it and rain was in the forcast so I covered the trailer with plastic to protect the OSB plywood from swelling.  It was another good day.   8 hours today (14 hours total)

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