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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 3 7/4/11

It seemed like I didn’t make a lot of progress today as I spent a lot of time repositioning the trailer because its current location would not allow for the height due to power and cable wires versus the finished height of the trailer (13'6" from the ground up).  After I moved the trailer, it had to be re-leveled. 

After building the first wall (the end wall furthest from the trailer hitch), it appears as I might need to re-level the trailer again as the ground has settled.  I squared up the wall and then glued and screwed the end wall plywood with 2” screws and liquid nail before we stood the wall up and it seems very solid. 

Even though the wall was going on the other end, there was no room to built it at of the wheel wells, so we built it on the front of the trailer and then slid it around to the other end and then stood up the wall.
Since I don't have access to the back of my house with a truck and trailer, I had to build it right in my front yard.  For security, I put on a hitch lock.  It put in 6 hours (Total hours 20). 

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