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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 6 7/8/11

The weather is perfect outside today for working on this Friday. 

My play today was to have the entry door side wall sheeted in plywood and I almost had it completed. 

Building a temporary scaffold was helpful for putting on the plywood as the structure is getting quite high.  The walls are already just over 10 feet high now.  I am still planning on an 8/12 pitch on the roof, but that might vary a little to keep my peek height under 13’6”.  The day was broken up with a trip to IKEA for interior ideas and also the millwork outlet to get a few more windows.  It was a nice break.  Aside from a few small filler pieces, the wall is done, screwed and glued.
I worked 6 hours today (37 hour total.)

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