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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 5 7/7/11

Today I framed the entry door wall and everything is starting to tie together nicely.  I built it in 2 sections on the ground and then drug them into position up on the trailer and lifted them into place without plywood.  Once up, I tied the two walls together and finished the framing that sits over the wheel wells.  I am trying to build in the space around the wheel wells so that I have good backing for the plywood as well as creating a boundary for filling with foam. 

Screwing the walls is proving to really draw out the time, especially when pre-drilling is needed so that you aren’t stripping the screws.  The Sidewall is framed and one sheet of plywood is on to hold the wall square.
It was another good day.  I worked 5 hours today (31 hours total)

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