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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 8 7/10/11

The sun has decided to come out one more time.  Today I finished the sheeting on the final side.  The sheeting goes all the way to the top plate on the side walls.  Since there will be more sheeting required on the gable ends, I did not rip a small piece to go up to the top plate.  It will add to the strength by using larger pieces of plywood. 

With all the plywood sheeting on, you can now really get the feel of the available space on the inside.  I image that when the loft joist are installed, it might a feel a little tighter on the inside. 

 I finished the day by using a can of “the great stuff” to fill in the areas around the wheel wells from the inside.  It should provide good insulation in the small gaps as well as a good sealer.  I will also use silicone around the outside of the wheel wells for extra protection from moister. 
The inside is really starting to take shape.  Here you can see the end where the main living area will be.

On the far end is the where the bathroom will be.  The shower on the left and toilet on the right.  It will be enclosed with a wall and 24" pocket sliding door.  Up next for our next day of work will be to put in out 2x6 loft joist.  Today I worked 4 hours ( 46 hour total).

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