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Monday, October 24, 2011

day 38 10/24/2011

We are getting down to crunch time.  I am trying to be done and ready to weigh in at the scales by Friday.  There are a lot of details still remaining.  Today was a good day to work on the kitchen and the closet/pantry.  We decided to go with an simple design without cabinets under the counter tops.  We are putting shelves under the counter tops where they won't interfere with the sink plumbing and hot water tank.  The pre-maid counter tops help to make it easier.  The ends are easy to finish on the counter tops. 

 I added some pine to the end to close things up.  I think I will also add some finish 1x3 to the face of the shells to make things look a little tighter.  The sink came from Ikea and fits well in smaller areas.  I put the hot water tank in its location, but still need to do the plumbing and strap the tank to the wall. 

I started to build the wall for the pantry which will be behind the door  I will build the shelves before I build the enclosing wall on my next day of work as I just ran out of time today.  The bottom half will be the closet for coats and shoes and stuff and will have its own door.  Same with the pantry on the top with 2 or 3 shelves to be built.

I put in 7 more hours today (265 total hours worked).

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