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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 35 10/15/2011

The pine is done except for the window trim and cabinet work!
The dormers are continuing to provide challenges to my processes for sure.  I attached a ledger on the outside wall and above the window down 5 1/2" from the plywood.  That matches the existing 2 x 6 rafters. 

I ran the pine long in between the dormers and after I scribed a line, cut them off.    Once they were cut off, I attached a board to tie the corners together.

I am not sure how to trim the outside corners.  The corners went quite well and ended up amazingly tight. At this point, I am thinking that I might just hit the corners with the palm sander and call them good. 
I still need to trim out the winders and then I plan on hitting everything with a sander and knocking down any rough edges.  After that comes a nice coat of clear polyurethane.  Laminate flooring to follow...

I put in 10 man hours (241 total hours.)

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