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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 34 10/12/2011

My Dad came over and helped today.  2 people get more than double the work of a single worker.  One person works the saw while the other lays in the loft and secures the wood with the nailer! 

Now the loft is really taking shape.  Having the pine up there is doing two things.  First, I don't have as much head room to put my head up between the rafters.  I guess it is good to know how much room I have to work with.  Second, The opportunities to crack your had on the rafters was cut in half today!!! 
I faced the dormers as well.  I need to face them before I attach the ledger to continue covering the rafters.
So I am rounding the corner with the end in sight.  I only have the half of the rafters to go before ALL is covered.  Of course there is still a lot of trim work to do, but I think it will all be done in a day.  I am hoping to be ready for a clear semi-gloss polyurethane on Sunday.  Tomorrow will be a much needed brake and then hopefully Friday will bring the closer.

9 hours today (231 total hours worked to date)

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