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Monday, October 31, 2011


After a lot of scrambling to finish the cabin on time, we were able to get things ready for the big weigh in day. 

The kitchen cabinets are done.  The felted cloth made a nice finish to the face of the shelves.  It is all in effort to keep things light.

The pantry and pantry doors are now on as well as the pine that holds the frig.  The pine around the frig is heavily reinforced to hold our bodies because it is part of the access to the loft.  The new additions are still needing some polyurethane and the ladder needs to be installed on the top of the frig still. 

So we are off to the scales.
It took a 30 minutes to get the trailer off the jack stands.  It also took a 3 ton jack to lift it up the ends to slowly bring it down to the ground.  The next concern was how tall it would actually be when down on tires.  Are we going to clear all the power lines?  Especially the low one going to my house.

OK.  So down on the road and hooked to my Dad's 2500 series GMC with a duramax diesel, it was time to pull the tape.  The total height is officially at 13' 5" tall when down on the tires.   Sure seemed tall.

Down at the scales, we weighed in at 6850lbs.  I was sure it was going to weigh a little more.  The trailer is rated 10,000lbs.  It is a little tongue heavy which was apparent when towing down the road. 
Now that the weight is in.  It is time to go convert the flatbed trailer into a travel trailer. Down the the Washington DOL we go.   It was a little work going through the building receipts for all the purchases.  The taxes paid on those areas translate into tax saving on the licensing side. 

It is now a really big travel trailer and tomorrow is the big journey to it new resting place.


  1. Hi there, wow, this is a fab tiny house. What is the square footage? Also do you know if in other houses like Tumbleweed, are they counting the loft footage in their square footage? Also I have a question about towing. It would be real hard for me to afford a huge truck like is needed to tow these houses. Could they be towed with something like a haul truck? If I ever wanted to take a trip I'd rather do that than finance a huge gas guzzling truck. Thanks!

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    In the certification process when I converted the flatbed to a travel trailer, the square footage never came into play. The basic floor plan is about 160 square feet (not inlcuding the loft) The loft figure in about another 110 square feet.

    This trailer weighed in on the scale at about 6800 feet. So, any vehicle that is capable of towing something of that weighed is OK. I would use an EZ lift tow hitch to take off some of the hitch weight. I had to borrow my dad's truck as mine didn't have enough muscle to do the job. I don't plan oin towing mine beyond its point right now. It is more of a destination type cabin now. Good luck!