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Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 36 10/17/2011

The Pine is on and all done except for the pantry and the areas around the kitchen cabinets that are net yet installed.

There are still a few windows that need to be trimmed.  I ran out of material.  I decided to get started on the floor.  The OSB plywood that I used for the decking did buckle a little even though I gapped them in accordance with the manufacturer.  Nothing that a quick run with the belt sander couldn't handle.
I don't know that is was necessary, but I put another layer of felt paper down on top of the plywood. 

Time for some laminate flooring.  Most laminate flooring products go together quite easily.  and once you get your lines down and layout ready, it goes very quickly.

The laminate floor is very durable.  Even after I dropped a few tools on it, the marks never showed.  It looks really good done except for the base trim.

The floor is done and next will be the polyurethane.

I worked another 9 hours today.  (250 total hours worked)

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