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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 31 10/8/2011

I actually finished what I had scheduled to do today.  I did get a late start due to the normal family obligations and finished up at 10pm, but it looks good

It looks different from both the inside and outside.  I was concerned that when I put the pine on that it would make the cabin feel a little more closed in.  I actually lightens up the room a little more. 

 The Bathroom will still need a lot of trim work, but I guess I can say that about a lot of areas in the cabin.

This a look at the shower through the pocket sliding door.

The toilet, or where it will sit, sits opposite the shower.  From the idea of a cabin, the bathroom seems a little tight, but if you compared this to a trailer, we are in good shape.

I put in a solid 8 hours today (210 hours total to date.)

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