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Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is the big day for travel.  The distance to travel is under 100 miles, but our speed will be in the 50-60mph range with one mountain pass to go over.  On that note, there is one bridge to go under on that mountain pass that is marked at 14 feet.  There is a sign indicating that vehicles over that must use the off ramp.  Even though we are slightly under, we our opting to use the off ramp as a precaution.

The drive went well over the pass and getting the unit into place went smooth.  Having a 3 ton jack to lift the corners and put the jack stands in place would have worked well if we remembered the bar to use it.  fortunately the ground was pretty level at the final destination and the rest of the lifting was done using only the tongue lift.

Even though it is in it's location, there is still a lot of work left to do.  The porch needs to be built (the metal is already cut and ready.)  The initial deck which will be a 5' wide by 4' foot extension with stairs on the hitch end of the deck.  Taking off the wheels and adding a skirting beneath the wheel wells.  I did secure the trailer with a tongue lock for now.

Now that it is up and stable, the furniture can go in and the decorating begins.  We are finding that certain furniture items will work, and other will be changing.  The couch and chairs are good.  The table sticks out too far and will need to be modified so it will not stick our beyond the chairs.

The stairs going up to the loft above the frig worked out well.  I anchored it on top and bottom and it feels very stable.

The bathroom is all hooked up and running.  I might add another shelve above the toilet to store more bathroom supplies.

The shower is in, but won't be utilized until after the winter months pass.  The water to the property is above ground and because there will be 2' of snow on the ground soon, so the cabin will be dry for the next 3-4 months. 
The kitchen is filling up quickly.  The kitchen shelves need to be put up so we have places to put plates, cups, and other supplies.  Well, just because the cabin is now in its location does not mean it is done.  There is still a lot to do.  I should have more done next week.  The hard part now is that it is now 1:45 drive to work on it now.

Good times are coming...

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