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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 27 9/29/2011

Today was a big crawl on the ground day.  I spent a lot of time cutting and measuring and putting together the drains under the trailer.  I did a dry run with everything to make sure that it all fit and took it apart and put it all back together with glue of course. 

Once I finished the drains under the cabin, I went topside to make sure the drain vents were all going to tie in together and vent out the side and under the eve.  I tied them all together over the wall that divides the bathroom from the rest of the cabin.

The drains and vent pipe under the counter did not go inside the wall until it tied into the vent going up the wall.  The reasoning for this is that I was running out of room in the wall and it will be hidden under the counter top.  The hot water tank is going to go in the corner. The hot water tank dimensions are 26 inches tall (including the 2 inch Styrofoam base) with a 22 inch diameter.  The kitchen sink vent will clear the top of the hot water tank by 4 inches.
The kitchen sink and shower vent go up through the wall and tie into the the toilet vent that comes up the other side of the door in the same wall.  All three vent exit out the same port on the side under the eve as said before.  At 9 pm tonight I realized that I am short one 1 1/2 inch coupling from being completely finished and I just don't have it in me to go to Lowes and get one until tomorrow!

I put in 9 hours today  (190 total hours to date.)

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