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Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 21 9-9-2011

Well, I finally found more time including the up and coming weekend to work on the tiny house.  Expect an huge face lift after the weekend as I plan on completing the siding.  I picked up the last major load of lumber material today and then jumped right on the project.  Thanks to Tyee lumber and the great prices on on Cedar (over 40 cents per foot less than lowes).

We decided to stain  all the trim and siding before we installed today which definetly change my schedule today.  I think when it is said and done, it will have taken less time to stain the siding and trim on the ground.
The real challenge to staining all the siding is finding a place to stain all the material. 
There was so much to do today with the staining that I decided to enlist some extra help.  They might look small and you might think they just make a mess and get in the way and It is all correct.  I guess they just like to play with paint brushes!
I did manage to hang the trim on all four corners and stick up a few pieces of siding. 

My Dad is coming over tomorrow to lend a hand so I needed to get set up.  I cut two jigs to set the 8" bevelled cedar to have a 6 " reveal.  I am looking forward to a great day tomorrow.  I worked a solid 9 hours today and feel like I could have used about 5 more.  ( 137 total hours worked  to date.)

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