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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 23 9/11/2011

It is official.  The siding is all on, though I have found that I still have a ways to go before the siding is done.

My Dad came over today and we finished getting up all the siding, but we found that a lot of the cedar is wanting to curl up.  I decided to remedy this by pre-drilling for a galvanized size 6 siding nail through the cedar only and about a half inch from the bottom and over 1.2 inches.  The pre-drilling is to keep the cedar from splitting.  I did a few and it seems to be sucking them down quite nicely.

This all has to be done before I caulk the corners and windows.  We also found today that a permanent brown marker colors the galvanized nail heads and blends very well with the brick red semi-gloss stain.

So I officially plan on being done with the extra nails and caulking tomorrow.  Then I will push hard to finish the plumbing this weekend and most of the electical this weekend.  I will try to load some interior pics and maybe try to load a video as well.  Between my Dad and I, we put in 10 hours today.

(Total man hours to date 158 hours.)

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