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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 18 8/17/11

I finished the the roof panels on the non-dormer side today.  There is still so much to do on the roof.  There is still at least another day on the other side and then make sure the the ridge cap gets finished up. 

One the starting end, with regards to the roof panels, there is a rolled edge which is what keeps the water from rolling up the ends.  On the other end of the roof panels, the last panel had to be cut.  I needed something on the end to give that same water protection.  I was instructed by Johnson Exteriors to bend up the end.
I decided to go with two bends.  One that bends up and then one that bends another 90 degrees to add to the protection.
I found that there is always a right tool for the job.  If you have to do any amount of bending, a good bending tool is a must!  I went with a "wiss" brand and it worked great.  Worth a little extra expense!
I only worked about 4 hours today, but it felt great to get the panels finished on at least one side.
(113.5 total hours worked)

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