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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Tiny house now has SNOW! DEC 21st, 2012

Our tiny house on 1.1 acres in Sky Meadow, South Cle elum, WA is still FOR SALE but now we'd like to include SNOW in the deal.  A snowmobile is a must to get up here during the wintertime so fire up the sled and come on up!
There is about 12 inches of snow on the ground  right now with more in the forecast.

Nice to see a big pile of snow around the tiny house.  Sure looks nice this time of the year!

It sure is nice to have a warm and dry place to get out of the snow.  Sit inside and look out at the big windows at all the snow falling.



  1. I couldn't find it on the realtor listings. How much are you asking?

  2. A sale is pending but if it does not go through, I will repost. We are asking for $25,000 for the cabin and $75,000 for the property. The package for $105,000. That comes with power, water, septic. great price in a tough economy.


  3. Though it's snowy outside this tiny house, it seems that it's still comfortable inside. It looks so simple and cozy. I would like to know if someone already owns this house now. My cousin is looking for one and I think she'll love it to bits! I would love to recommend it to her.

    1. The cabin is in Escrow right now and should be sold in a few weeks. Sorry. I plan to build another maybe next summer.