Monday, February 25, 2013

It is sad but true.  A purchase and sale agreement is pending and we are looking at finalization by the end of March.  This cabin was fun to build and gave us the perfect use of the whole space.  It will be very difficult to watch it go, but maybe next year will bring a new cabin with new designs.  Having built one now, I know how it can be improved on. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Tiny house now has SNOW! DEC 21st, 2012

Our tiny house on 1.1 acres in Sky Meadow, South Cle elum, WA is still FOR SALE but now we'd like to include SNOW in the deal.  A snowmobile is a must to get up here during the wintertime so fire up the sled and come on up!
There is about 12 inches of snow on the ground  right now with more in the forecast.

Nice to see a big pile of snow around the tiny house.  Sure looks nice this time of the year!

It sure is nice to have a warm and dry place to get out of the snow.  Sit inside and look out at the big windows at all the snow falling.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tiny house and 1.1 acres for sale in Cle Elum, WA

So here the Our tiny house sits in Sky Meadows, Cle Elum, WA.  .  We are waiting for the snow to come.  We have decide with a heavy heart that our tiny cabin and the property it sits will now be for sale. 

We developed this property with every intent of enjoyment but find growing kids in sports, that we just aren't finding the time to enjoy it.  We've spent several years in developing this property that started just like the wooded area of our property that is seen beyond the cabin.  The septic system installed on the property is large enough to support a four bedroom cabin.  The 200 amp power panel is located on the aft side of this view of the cabin.  It has four outdoor 20 amp 110 plugs.  It also supports to 30 amp RV plugs as well.

There is lots of parking for fun, friends, and enjoyment.  Sky Meadows is 10 minutes from down town Cle Elem, WA.   For the Fly fisherman, the Yakima river flows 10 minutes away where guided fly fishing trips leave daily.  Excellent Golfing is 20 minutes away in Suncadia.  For the winter enthusiasts, the snowmobiling starts right from your own property and exits right onto state land through the Sky Meadows community.

Its a great community with loads of fun and good times to be had.  Please feel free to call or email anytime if you have interest.  206-491-4833  

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Time to add the little things to make this cabin a little more like a home. 

Even though this is a temporary platform, it will get used a lot as I can move it around and attach it to different areas on the deck that will be built this next year.

The weather is proving to hold as there is snow in the forecast.  This only a two foot overhang, but it is enough to get out of the weather while you take your shoes off to go in.

I need to get a few pieces of gable trim to match the ends of the gables on the cabin.  I also need a about a 3 foot chunk of facia to finish the other side.

Time to accessorize the interior.  IKEA has a lot of space saving shelves that are light weight and attractive.  These shelves gave us a lot of options to hang different kitchen items. 

You have to have coat hooks!!!

It is warm inside and cold outside.  Did someone say "snow"?

There is still a lot to do, but now we are tucked in a nice and warm cabin!  I dont' know how much more will get done before the snow melts, but I am looking forward to seeing a few feet here real soon!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is the big day for travel.  The distance to travel is under 100 miles, but our speed will be in the 50-60mph range with one mountain pass to go over.  On that note, there is one bridge to go under on that mountain pass that is marked at 14 feet.  There is a sign indicating that vehicles over that must use the off ramp.  Even though we are slightly under, we our opting to use the off ramp as a precaution.

The drive went well over the pass and getting the unit into place went smooth.  Having a 3 ton jack to lift the corners and put the jack stands in place would have worked well if we remembered the bar to use it.  fortunately the ground was pretty level at the final destination and the rest of the lifting was done using only the tongue lift.

Even though it is in it's location, there is still a lot of work left to do.  The porch needs to be built (the metal is already cut and ready.)  The initial deck which will be a 5' wide by 4' foot extension with stairs on the hitch end of the deck.  Taking off the wheels and adding a skirting beneath the wheel wells.  I did secure the trailer with a tongue lock for now.

Now that it is up and stable, the furniture can go in and the decorating begins.  We are finding that certain furniture items will work, and other will be changing.  The couch and chairs are good.  The table sticks out too far and will need to be modified so it will not stick our beyond the chairs.

The stairs going up to the loft above the frig worked out well.  I anchored it on top and bottom and it feels very stable.

The bathroom is all hooked up and running.  I might add another shelve above the toilet to store more bathroom supplies.

The shower is in, but won't be utilized until after the winter months pass.  The water to the property is above ground and because there will be 2' of snow on the ground soon, so the cabin will be dry for the next 3-4 months. 
The kitchen is filling up quickly.  The kitchen shelves need to be put up so we have places to put plates, cups, and other supplies.  Well, just because the cabin is now in its location does not mean it is done.  There is still a lot to do.  I should have more done next week.  The hard part now is that it is now 1:45 drive to work on it now.

Good times are coming...


After a lot of scrambling to finish the cabin on time, we were able to get things ready for the big weigh in day. 

The kitchen cabinets are done.  The felted cloth made a nice finish to the face of the shelves.  It is all in effort to keep things light.

The pantry and pantry doors are now on as well as the pine that holds the frig.  The pine around the frig is heavily reinforced to hold our bodies because it is part of the access to the loft.  The new additions are still needing some polyurethane and the ladder needs to be installed on the top of the frig still. 

So we are off to the scales.
It took a 30 minutes to get the trailer off the jack stands.  It also took a 3 ton jack to lift it up the ends to slowly bring it down to the ground.  The next concern was how tall it would actually be when down on tires.  Are we going to clear all the power lines?  Especially the low one going to my house.

OK.  So down on the road and hooked to my Dad's 2500 series GMC with a duramax diesel, it was time to pull the tape.  The total height is officially at 13' 5" tall when down on the tires.   Sure seemed tall.

Down at the scales, we weighed in at 6850lbs.  I was sure it was going to weigh a little more.  The trailer is rated 10,000lbs.  It is a little tongue heavy which was apparent when towing down the road. 
Now that the weight is in.  It is time to go convert the flatbed trailer into a travel trailer. Down the the Washington DOL we go.   It was a little work going through the building receipts for all the purchases.  The taxes paid on those areas translate into tax saving on the licensing side. 

It is now a really big travel trailer and tomorrow is the big journey to it new resting place.